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The Scottish Guitar Tutor Book - Learn to play traditional Scottish music, jigs and reels on guitar

"Traditions are not passed on by accident and although the various processes may not be immediately obvious, there is little doubt that teaching lies at the heart of development.  Further than that, the passing on of skills by masters of their music inevitably raises the bar.  In time this book will make a significant contribution to traditional music and the guitar".  Pete Heywood, Editor, The Living Tradition magazine. 

The Scottish Guitar Tutor Book was published in 2012 by Taigh na Teud and is the first ever tutor book on how to play Scottish traditional tunes, jigs and reels on the acoustic guitar. It features a wide selection of popular fiddle tunes in easy to read tablature as well as notation. It has an emphasis on flatpicking the tunes in standard tuning. There is a specialy written foreword by Jack Evans.  

"If you enjoy playing the guitar, and are also a fan of Scottish traditional music, then you are definitely holding the right book in your hands. What John Carnie has put together in the following pages amounts to an education in Scottish trad tunes, and how you can learn to play them on the guitar..." Jack Evans (founder member of Jock Tamson’s Bairns, The Easy Club and The Cauld Blast Orchestra and lecturer on the RSAMD’s B.A. Scottish Music course).

There are handy hints on chords and accompanying the playing of Scottish music on the guitar and background in the various styles. A demo CD with all the tunes is included and links to insructional video clips.



The book features some tunes from John Carnie's 'Far from Home' CD and highlights just what a powerful instrument the guitar can be when playing jigs, reels and slow airs. It will be of interest to all guitarists who would like to develop a good technique for playing traditional tunes on the guitar - be they Scottish or Irish tunes. 

Contents of Scottish Guitar Book: Hut on Staffin Island (Simple), Hut on Staffin Island (Advanced), Far from Home (Simple), Grace Notes (Cuts and Rolls), Far from Home (Advanced), Rory Gallagher's Jig , Banks of the Allan, Jig of Slurs, Garster's Dream, Chromatic G Scale, Miss Campbell of Sheerness, Lads O' Duns, Da Shaalds of Foula, Road to Banff, The Duck, Ascending 2 octave G scale, Spootiskerry, Flowers of Edinburgh, Ascending 2 Octave D, Wind that Shakes the Barley, Jenny Dang the Weaver, Niel Gow's Lament for his second Wife, Arpeggios on A/G/D, Bovaglie's Plaid (Pull off and Hammer on), John McNeil's Reel, Tongadale Reel, G Major Scale (2 Octaves), Aandowin at the Bow, Jack Broke da Prison Door, D Major Scale (1 1/2 Octaves), Donald Blue, Sleep Soond in da Mornin, Hillhead, The Westcoaster, Accompanying Tunes on the Guitar, The Lea Rig, Laird of Drumblair, Spey in Spate, Miss Shepherd, Session Etiquette, Neal Slessor Thompson, The Mathematician

The tunes have been laid out in a fairly simple notation and tablature format. There are over 30 popular ( and some demanding) Scottish  more recent tunes. Some tunes are modern and others are literally hundreds of years old. An extensive introduction on playing flatpicking guitar, its history and its context in Scottish folk music is given. Exercises included to develop technique. CD included with 32 tunes and links to specially recorded video clips of many of the tunes. The publisher's are grateful to Creative Scotland for funding.

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